Legionella Disinfection

ACS is a patented technology that eliminates 100% of bacteria in the water network, it eliminates also the biofilm that constitutes the protection and habitat of pathogenic bacteria. In the cleaing works the pipes are completely sanitized.

The entire water system and all the utilities are treated thus guaranteeing a complete and long-lasting remediation.

Applicable to Hospitals, Hotels, retirement homes, apartments, industries, Schools, Pools, SPA and wellness centers, MIsting systems and fountains, Boats, aircrafts.


ACS air is the most effective system in aicraft water systems disinfection. The patent sequence of flushing phases grants the complete elimination of the bateria and biofilm from ant aircraft water system.

90% of the bacteria live in the biofilm which is protecting it from the action of traditional disinfection systems such as hyperchlorination, ozone, monochloramine and thermal shock. Traditional approaches have no effect on the biofilm but only on the bacteria free in water and this means no certainty in the reduction of biological risk.

Acs is the only solution able to eliminate the bacterial biofilm from aircraft drinking water systemsACS eliminates biofilm through a combined action of air injections, kills bacteria through a biodegradable biocide and and grants the complete sterilisation of the pipes by the combined action of the temperature

The combined action of the air, biocide and temeprature elimintaes the Biofilm greatly extending the need for new sanitizing intervention. LESS ANNUAL INTERVENTIONS

ACS combined with a periodic surveillance protocol reduces the necessary interventions while maintaining full control of biological risk.

ACS has effect on the whole water system removing completely the biofilm and having a greater protection in the long run. BIOFILM ELIMINATION

Bacteria take much more time to find again the environment conditions to colonize the water system.


RENTACS ACS COLD technology has been designed for apartment buildings or industrial buildings where the system has to be installed fixed. his exlusive design allow to be installed easily in a technical room ready to be used for biofilm removal and chemical disinfection once needed.

Acs Cold uses the Air turbolence tecnology in combination with a chemical disinfection of the whole drincable water system.


The Rentacs vacuum technology allows to prevent bacterial and biofilm formation in civilized water networks of buildings with seasonal use or empty for long periods: hotels, second homes, apartments, business facilities, ..)

The procedure involves emptying the water pipes by means of vacuum, this means that there is no stagnant water in the pipes with the effect of eliminating the habitat and the conditions for bacterial proliferation. The water line is closed by a valve that prevents the filling of the network, after the valve is connected the vacuum machine that will suck the water present in an external drainage container (subsequently discharged).

The vacuum generated by the machine is able to quickly empty any civil water network.


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